About the shop & artist


The creations you see here come from the mind and hand of one independent and freelance artist - me! Hi, I'm Mary Capaldi, and I love to make original art and designs! Insects and animals are some of my favorite subjects, as you might have guessed by the contents of the shop or by discovering my art on social media or elsewhere online! I'm fueled by black coffee and inspired by travel and adventure. Take a good look around - I'm always making something new! Now based in Ontario, Canada!

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Shopping & Shipping Questions

What is your shipping time like?
Regular orders ship once per week in a batch, usually on the weekend; changes to the schedule are noted in the announcement bar at the top of the page. Tracking is provided but may not show progress for a couple days due to carrier processing. Batch shipping allows me to offer lower shipping rates for multiple countries. Preorders or orders containing preorder items do not ship until all items are ready.

Due to the artist attending shows and events, the shop does sometimes experience shipping schedule changes or short breaks - these will always be noted on the shop itself. Orders placed during a noted shipping break will ship by the weekend following the end of the break if not sooner.

I just want to buy stickers and don’t need tracking. Can you offer me cheaper shipping?
This is usually possible - contact me and I’ll set up a quick custom order for you!

I'd like to make a wholesale purchase for a shop or event. How do I do that?
Please contact me and explain your needs! I'll be happy to get back to you as soon as I can.

What are your shipping rates based on?
My rates for US customers are based on USPS; rates for other countries are based on multiple international services. All include a margin for packaging and related supply costs. Though I am a tiny company and cannot absorb packaging costs, I do my best to keep rates as low and fair as possible so my work is as accessible to own as possible! If you need to make special shipping arrangements, please feel free to get in touch - I'll do my best to help you!

ARt & ARtist Questions

Where can I see or buy your art in person?
Currently, I make select appearances throughout the year around the US and Canada. Upcoming dates and locations are available on my website. If you would like to request I consider an event or invite me to an event, please contact me.

Do you do custom or commissioned work?
Yes, I do! Please contact me directly to hire me for personal or commercial work - or go to my website for more information.

Can I reproduce or license your designs?
Possibly! Please contact me with your idea so we can talk business. I retain all rights to my art unless otherwise negotiated and must authorize reproductions personally for any third party use of my art to be valid and legal.

Why bugs, though?
Insects are incredibly important and often overlooked and underappreciated. I admire their many roles in the ecosystem worldwide and find lots of them cute! I also believe that by learning to appreciate the smallest things around us, each a little individual living a unique tiny life, we can take something away about how to better appreciate and be kind to each other. After all, what are we but insects swarming on a blue speck in all of the immense universe?